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My dad and older brother wasted no time making sure I was comfortable at the new gym we signed up for - my cock got more of a workout than any other muscle that day!

Christopher Lee wrote: Exercising his mind, body, and spirit can happen by just focusing on his COCK. Amen to a great adoration of COCK.

For proverbs and wisdom about adult-dad -and- adult-son relationships, read Christopher Lee’s Dad/son erotica from Stiff Rain Press (SRP). Don’t let your boy learn these things on the street by anyone. Make sure you’re his teacher. Purchase Lee’s books online from Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, or directly from SRP. His latest and bestselling eBooks, The Accuser and The Piper’s Book of Wisdom, will be combined in a single paperback edition due to be released September 2014, under the title, "Daddy: Collected Poems."


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